Landlord’s Listing Process

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Listing Process for Landlords

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Our firm specializes in matching tenants with properties throughout the city and beyond.  We aggressively market and show properties until we find the right match.

Walk through: In order to procure the highest and best price for your home, it is paramount to do all you can to make it look its best. We will walk through your home and offer suggestions on how to maximize the monthly rental price. Many times small renovations or upgrades are recommended. Our agents can serve as a resource for you with contractors and vendors from cleaning, painting and renovation. We are known to go above and beyond to help get your home in its best possible shape for marketing.

Pricing: When it comes to maximizing monthly rental price, accurate pricing is everything. Your agent will discuss with you the different strategies for pricing and timing and can make suggestions for you to consider. Hitting the right asking price is incredibly important in this market. Many times if the property comes on too high, it will not procure the right tenant pool and it will sit empty. Pricing for rental property is driven by season and location. Timing is very important. Most landlords see the highest rents between June and October. Your agent is your best resource to guide you by reviewing the most recent comparable rents and the market trends, etc. The Current Market Analysis will assist you in deciding on the right asking price.

Professional Photography: Unlike most of our competitors, we will hire a professional real estate photographer to shoot the home. With professional photographs, your home will shine above the competition and therefore will yield a higher monthly rent.

Coordination of all showings with tenants/occupants: We will work with the current tenants to find showing times and schedules that are conducive to their lives. We will provide prior notice and leave messages or texts as requested. We will be mindful in respecting their homes while marketing the property to ensure a smooth transition.

Credit Check: We will perform a thorough credit check on your prospective tenants(s) in order to gauge their credit worthiness, payment histories, etc. This is imperative in reviewing potential applicants.

Reference checks: We will contact the current and past landlord references of the prospect and confirm payment timing, condition of premises, and inquire about the applicant in detail.

Employment and income verification both past and present is also performed.

Lease preparation: We will prepare the lease and other required forms for signatures. We will facilitate signature (usually electronic) by the tenant and the landlord.

Monies: We will collect the required monies due (first, last, security) and deliver it all to the landlord with the leases signed and deliver the keys to the tenants prior to moving day.