Property Preparation

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Steps to Listing Your Home

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In considering selling your home, the most important thing you can do is to properly prepare the space for marketing.

Walk Through: We will walk through the space and make suggestions on how to maximize the value. Often small renovations and upgrades are recommended. Our agents serve as a resource with contractors and vendors from renovation to staging.

Repairs: It is important to address any known defects prior to selling your home. Massachusetts is a full-disclosure state. If you have knowledge of any major defects, it need to be disclosed to all potential buyers.

Timing & Pricing: When it comes to maximizing sell price, timing and pricing is critical. We discuss with you different pricing and timing strategies and make informed suggestions for consideration. Hitting the right asking price is incredibly important. Many times if the property comes on too high, it will not procure the same sales price it would if it had been priced to sell in the beginning. Pricing is not formula based and while price-per-foot comparisons are helpful, they are not absolute. Your agent is your best resource in guiding you by reviewing the most recent comparable sales and market trends. This analysis will assist you in determining the right asking price.

Staging: Most properties will require some staging to show the space in its best light. Removal and storage of large superfluous furniture and clutter is usually suggested. Painting, small upgrades, improvements and additional lighting are often advised. As a trusted resource, we can also provide professional stagers for additional with styling.

Cleanliness: It is important that the home be immaculate when photographing and showing. All windows should be washed prior to photography in order to maximize lighting. Keeping the space in “show shape” is recommended.

Exterior: The exterior of the home should also look its best. The more “curbside appeal” you create the better it will be received by buyers. Fresh flowers and appropriate seasonal plantings should be considered.